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Become a Sponsor at Dog Events

As we embark on another exciting year, Barks and Brews is gearing up for an event that promises to be bigger and better than ever before. Barks and Brews 2024 is not just a celebration of our four-legged friends and craft brews; it’s an experience that brings communities together for a day of joy, laughter, and furry companionship. This is your chance to join us on this incredible journey as a sponsor and make a lasting impact on both pet lovers and craft beer enthusiasts alike.

Good Vibes and Good Deeds: 

2023-2024 Barks and Brews Sponsors, you’re not just supporting an event; you’re contributing to the well-being of animals in need. A portion of the event proceeds will be donated to the barking lot rescue. Your brand can proudly align itself with this charitable cause, showcasing your commitment to social responsibility and community support.

Social Media Engagement: 

In the age of digital connectivity, social media is a powerful tool for event promotion. As a sponsor, your brand will be featured across our social media channels, connecting with a wide online audience. Participate in interactive campaigns, engage with event-goers online, and leverage our strong online presence to enhance your brand’s reach and impact.


Unique Brand Visibility: 

Position your brand in a distinctive and memorable way by aligning it with the joyous atmosphere of Barks and Brews. As a sponsor, your logo will feature prominently on event banners, promotional materials, and social media platforms. Take advantage of this opportunity to showcase your commitment to community engagement and your love for pets and local cultue.

Sponsor one of our Unique Activations

Reach & Event Metrics
Five Group : 50,000+ Web: 5,000+ Unique Visitors/Month Instagram: 50K+ Facebook: 40k+

Event Targets
5000+ people | 2000+ dogs | 25+ Breweries | 10+ Local Food Vendors | 50+ Vendors

All sponsorship activation packages will be priced based on the size of activation your brand desires within the space/concept available. The package will include event sponsorship, exposure and access to targeted clientele, a custom promotional marketing package for your brand, complimentary tickets for staff and social giveaways, as well as basic infrastructure for the space. It will be up to the brand to activate within the space to receive maximum value. To create your custom sponsorship package, please email [email protected] to schedule a call to discuss in further detail.

Puppy Lounge

Take over our puppy lounge and showcase your brand in style. This covered space will be designed to provide shelter from the sun for humans and pets alike. This truly is a great opportunity to showcase your product, service, or just get some epic branding in a cool space. The space will be set up with lounge furniture and will have a bar for drinks. 

Doggy Daycare

This fenced off space will provide the perfect canvas to create a unique and awesome place for humans to drop their pups off for some playtime, while they enjoy the rest of the events happenings. This is the perfect opportunity for a Daycare brand to get new customers, as well as make some $ back by charging a small fee for the service provided at the event.

Training Day

If you’re an animal trainer then this is the right activation for you. Setup your ez-up and training course in style, and have ready, willing and able customers at your fingertips. Do quick trainings to promote your service, and/or sign people up for your programs. Either way, you are sure to generate some possible day of sales, and new potential leads for your business.

Lawn Games

Who doesn’t love ladder ball, giant beer pong and corn hole? That’s right, nobody! Activate this area and propel your brand to the next level while attendees make memories with their pups, friends and families.

Welcome Area

Be the first thing people see upon entry to Barks & Brews Fest. This package includes branding inclusions on all front welcome signage; with the option to custom design a unique entry experience for attendees with creative signage, props, and/or welcome gifts.

Primp & Pamper

Are you a doggy grooming salon or mobile service? If so, here is your chance to show what you can do to make those puppies look fancy. Set up your salon for the day and offer your services, as well as generate life long customers for your business.

Obstacle Course

Promote your brand while the pups do their best to complete our obstacle course. Set up a contest with a branded prize pack, or an ez-up to provide shade while dogs wait for their turn at the course. Do your own raffle, or just pass out branded material. Feel free to activate how you see fit, as the space is yours for the making.

Selfie Stations

Be the center focus as humans and pups interact via photos and video in our life-sized selfie stations. These custom-branded fire hydrants and Dog Houses will provide the perfect outlet for you to have your brand seen as people post on their social channels throughout the event.

Ask The Vet

Are you a vet or animal wellness boutique? If so, this is the perfect chance for you to set up shop at our event to provide wellness access for people and their pets. Let attendees ask basic questions, while promoting your product or service and setting up future appointments.

Dog Park (Banner on Fence)

If you’re looking for a quick, easy and affordable way to get some branding at our event, then this package is for you. Sponsor our dog park area with a banner on the fence.

Traditional Sponsor Packages

In addition to what is outlined below, all packages include logo inclusion and link on event website, as well as logo inclusion on sponsor digital marketing creative, print flyers and posters. We will provide a custom unique branded creative for each brand as well that will be posted on our social channels. Please email us HERE with any sponsorship questions.

The BIG Dog – Title Sponsor | Cost $15,000

Presenting Partner on all Print & Digital Creative | 1 Dedicated Email Blast – 50K People | 1 Blog write up | 5 Dedicated sponsored social media posts | Custom Branded Event Creative Logo Inclusion on all printed event banners | 10×20 Vendor Space | Branding on 5 16ft Promo Flags | 
CLICK HERE for more info or to purchase

Shade & Water Station Partner 
Branded shade and water station signage w/ your logo in the 2 areas | Custom Branded Creative

Beer Tasting Cup Sponsor
Logo on 2,000 tasting cups | Custom Branded Creative 

Staff Shirt Partner 
Logo on all staff shirts | Custom Branded Creative

Unleashed Dog Area Partner 
Branded signage w/ your logo for the two unleashed dog areas. Ability to set-up in the unleashed dog area | Custom Branded Creative 

Photo Partner 
Event Picture Logo Watermark | Custom Branded Creative 

Raffle or Contest Sponsor |  Prize/Item Donation
Raffle prize inclusion | Custom Branded Creative 
CLICK HERE  to email us for more info on any of the above packages or to confirm a partnership package.